Unit 19 Assignment Brief Marketing Planning February 2014 moderated by NN

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ICON COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND in Business (QCF) Unit 19: Marketing Planning (QCF. L5) Session February 2014 Course work (Word limit 3500) HND Assignment Brief Programme title ML955 Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND in Business Unit number and title Unit 19 Marketing Planning Assignment number and title 1 of 1 McDonald’s: Repositioning the Golden Arches Mo Willan Module Leader Student name Assessor (receiving the work) Dr Mo Willan, Richard West, Abu Naser Issue date February 2014 Deadline(s) Written Work: 02-07 June 2014 Resubmission Y Deadline TBA Work submitted after the deadline, and within 2 weeks of the deadline, will be capped at a Merit grade unless extenuating circumstances apply-…show more content…
Your work will be assessed using the Grading Criteria statements which are shown below. 2. The Criteria which will be assessed on this assignment are shown in the section above labelled Unit Criteria and Levels. These are also shown against the tasks so that you know exactly which task(s) refer to which criteria. 3. In most assignments you will have the opportunity to achieve at all levels – Pass, © ICTM 3 Merit or Distinction – and your highest achievement for each of the Grading Criteria will count. Occasionally a particular task may offer restricted opportunities (i.e. the best grade anyone could achieve would be a Pass or Merit) in which case the maximum grade will be specified. 4. If the evidence you submit does not meet the requirements of a Pass in any of the Grading Criteria you will receive R grades and will need to consult your assessing tutor about resubmission or other opportunities to achieve the grades. 5. You will receive your tutor’s assessment of your grades, and feedback, on a separate Assignment Grading and Feedback Sheet where you will be invited to record your comments. Grading Criteria: Study these criteria carefully to choose your grade   The following criteria indicate what is expected in order to achieve a Pass, Merit or Distinction. To gain a Pass in a BTEC HND Unit, you must meet ALL the Pass criteria; to gain a Merit, you must meet ALL the Merit and Pass

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