Unit 19 M1 - Team Roles and Strategic Planning Essay

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M1- Team Roles and strategic planning

In this report I am going to be discussing the different team roles and how they are effective within a business. I will also be looking at what roles I took on during the KS5 Preparations Evening, how roles complement each other and what roles are essential for a high achieving team. I will also be looking into strategic planning, the strategic plans of *Blank* and how our team helped to meet these.

Introduction and comparison of different team roles
The roles of a team are based on the research into behavioural strengths and weaknesses conducted by Belbin. This theory suggests the roles needed in order to create the perfect high achieving team. Within each role there are some overlap of
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They have a high drive and courage to overcome problems and obstacles. This type of person can be very provocative and can sometimes hurt people's feelings. They are very inclined to become frustrated or irritated. They are often accused of ‘trampling’ on people's feelings and are not able to recover a situation with good humour.

• Specialist: this person is considered the ‘expert’ in the team, they are very self motivated, single minded and dedicated to their work. They can supply key knowledge and skills in a sort amount of time. However, they are likely to focus too much on technical details. They are a very theoretical person with little concern of the big picture. They are very reluctant to get involved with the team and will not be involved in personal problems.

My roles
During the event I took on the jobs of speaking at the presentation and discussing Business Studies with the attendees; leading up to the event my tasks consisted of putting together and adding my teams parts of the project plan, identifying the risks around the school, planning and creating a troubleshooting booklet and so on. When taking Belbin’s questionnaire to find out what role I would play in a team I was an Implementer and Completer/Finisher. I think that this was clear in my jobs both before the event and during the event. For both my tasks on the evening and
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