Essay Unit 2 Assignment 1 Case Study perils of Canoe Lake

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Come on everyone it is time to go canoeing. Everyone gets in their canoes at the lake and the camp counselor says be careful not to fall into Canoe Lake. All of a sudden the canoe flips over and I have fallen into the lake and cut my foot open on the bottom of the lake stepping on a broken bottle. The camp counselor rushes me to the camp nurse who is now dressing my wound and explaining to me that I am at risk for infection because of exposure to bacteria, parasites, and fungi. What do I do now? The nurse continues to explain what can happen to me at this point. I am facing many threats at camp though not just this cut on my foot. Overheating, sunburn, this deep cut, etc. I know what to do to help prevent the overheating, drink…show more content…
It is very important that we continue to stay hydrated so that our body can replenish what we are losing. Sunburn is also another risk. Sunburn can be both mild and severe and even cause sun poisoning which can make you extremely sick. Sunburn can also dehydrate you. If any of you have ever had sunburn you know that it hurts right? This is because it has damaged the skin to the nerve endings and that is why we feel it. All the tissues that are between the skin and the nerves are damages causing us to feel it. Our bodies do produce melanin which does help to protect us from the UV rays of the sun but, it does not completely protect us that is why it is very important to put sunblock on at least every 90 minutes and us SPF 50 or higher. Finally let’s talk about the bacteria, fungi, and parasites that we can come in contact with from Canoe Lake. Your friend has a deep cut on her foot from over turning her canoe and cutting her foot on a piece of glass that was at the bottom of the Lake. There is lots of bacteria, fungi, and parasites that live on the bottom of the lake. Lakes don’t continuously move therefore those things find where they want to live and stay. The most important thing for you to do if you get cut whether it is small or large is to go see the nurse do that she can clean it and apply antibacterial medications to try and prevent any infection. Infections from these things can spread into the blood

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