Unit 2 Assignment 1

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Task 1 Processors (CPU) The processor (CPU) is essentially the brain of a computer system. The role of the CPU is mainly to process everything from basic instructions to complex function. The well known measure of the CPU is clock speed and it is measured in MHz or GHz. The different manufacturers of the CPU are Texas Instruments, Intel Corp, Centaur Technology etc.. Motherboard A motherboard (mobo) is basically the main circuit board of a computer system. All the different components such as CPU, memory, hard drives, optical drives, video card and sound card are attached individually to the motherboard. However, the motherboard is perhaps the most essential hardware component of a computer system as it enables all the other…show more content…
Operating systems have the responsibility to ensure that users do not access the system illegally. They also perform different tasks such as managing system resources, communicate between software and hardware, monitoring performance and operate utilities and applications. Windows XP operating system features Display and Readability The display and readability features of windows operating system are mainly designed to adjust the size of items on the screen. The display and readability features consist of different options such as font style, icon size, screen resolution, high contrast schemes and Microsoft Magnifier. Sounds and Speech The sounds and speech features are simply designed to make computer sounds clear and effective to hear. The sounds and speech features include adjustable options such as sound volume, sound schemes, showsounds, soundsentry, notification and text-to-speech. Keyboard and Mouse In windows operating system, you can choose various options to make your keyboard and mouse easier to use. Furthermore, these options include Double-Click Speed, Character Repeat Rate, ClickLock, MouseKeys, Pointer Speed, and Extra Keyboard Help etc... Accessibility Wizard The Accessibility Wizard gives a simple step-by-step method of setting up a group of accessibility options for people with certain disabilities. These options include Stickykeys,
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