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MIBC 101 Unit 2 Assignment 1. Explain the difference between the hybrid medical record and the EHR. hybrid record A record in which both electronic and paper media are used. electronic health record (EHR) A secure real-time, point-of-care, patient centric information resource for clinicians allowing access to patient information when and where needed and incorporating evidence-based decision support. (Davis 67-68) 2. List the features of an EHR. Explain how these features are advantageous for health care. An EHR results from computer-based data collection. Physicians and other clinicians capture data at the point of care, with the ability to retrieve the data later for reporting and use in research or administrative decision…show more content…
economy, providing many stimulus opportunities in different areas, one of them being health IT. This portion of the stimulus package was given the subtitle, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH). This legislation further funded and set new mandates for the ONC, solidifying the office's existence. 6. List two barriers to the implementation of the EHR. Two of these barriers are lack of interoperability (the ability to exchange information) among computer systems and privacy issues. The Markle Foundation fosters collaboration in both private and public sectors through an initiative called Connecting to Health, which seeks to improve patient care by promoting standards for electronic medical information. In addition, the Markle Foundation has provided information and promoted meaningful use and the development of HIEs (Davis 77) 7. Explain the benefits of interoperable systems and the importance of a longitudinal record. interoperability (the ability to exchange information) among computer systems and privacy issues. One of the most important characteristics of an EHR while storing the clinical information is its ability to be interoperable: to share that information among other authorized users. If different information systems cannot communicate or interact with each other, then sharing is not possible. In order to achieve the objective to exchange clinical

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