Unit 2 Customer Sevcie Assesment

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Unit 2 Assessment

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Please note that this Assessment document has 13 pages and is made up of 5 Sections.

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Section 1 – Understand the principles of customer service in an organisation

1. In
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The College utilise a corporate style across all communications given out by the organisation. This encompasses font, colours and certain elements of the message given.

Email footers now have a corporate style, all members of staff have the same style of ending rather than allowing for the previously slightly disjointed approach.

There is a College Powerpoint template which reflects the corporate colours and fonts.

This corporate style runs throughout all documentation/publications issued by the College. Every three years or so, there are changes made by the marketing team to reflect changes in emphasis/College strategies/government agenda When these changes occur all publications are changed in order to reflect this.

3. For your current organisation (or one that you are familiar with), describe the policies and procedures that relate to customer service. Why is it important to follow these policies and procedures?

A policy is a definite course of action adopted by an organisation. Policies guide employees through the decision-making process. Within Bury College virtually all of our policies relate to customer service, at least in part. For example, the Health & Safety Policy is in place to ensure that all of our customers/stakeholders that come into contact with Bury College remain safe at all times. The policy also includes instructions regarding identification which is to be worn, visibly by all staff, students and visitors

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