Unit 2

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Unit 2 : Working in the Science Industry Walworth Academy Science Department Course title: BTEC National Extended Diploma in Applied Science Tutor name: Assignment 2.1 : Procedures used in the Laboratory Ref: Learner name Start date: Deadline date: Unit : (10 Credits) Scenario You are a publicist for a technician training organisation. You have been given the job of producing a prospectus into the work of a science technician focussing on methods of communication in the workplace and reasons why communication is important. Assessment Evidence: Grading Criteria Unit 2 The grading criteria that this activity relates to: P1 - outline procedures in the scientific workplace…show more content…
The data given may include Scientific data storage: COSHH records; scientific data; scientific apparatus records; waste disposal records; health and safety checks; training records; quality assurance data; report records; specification levels; sample throughput and management; security, Data Protection Act. Workplace records: stock records; work schedules; servicing dates and contracts; laboratory test data; specimen records; test records; calibration records; validation data; standard operating procedures; information and communication technology (ICT), e.g. laboratory information management systems (LIMS) P4 Q2 Explain the processes involved in storing information in a scientific workplace M4 Q3 Discuss the advantages gained by keeping data and

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