Unit 2- How policies and procedures promote anti-discriminatory practice

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Unit 2 P4- explain how national initiatives promote anti-discriminatory practice
The data protection act- the data protection act is legislation put in place to keep personal data confidential. It can promote anti-discriminatory practice as it can stop people finding out information about individuals that the individual wants to stay private. E.g. phone numbers and addresses. These would need to stay private so people don’t find out where you live or what is wrong with you.
The children act 1989- the children act is a legislation that ensures the welfare of children. This would promote anti-discriminatory practice by protecting children and treating them all equally. This could be by stopping abuse and giving children a safe and secure
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This would promote anti-discriminatory practice by not discriminating people with disabilities and giving them equal opportunities to do different activities, ensuring there are ramps in public places so people can have easy access to different areas etc.
The convention on the rights of the child 1989- The Convention's objective is to protect children from discrimination, neglect and abuse. It is the principal children's treaty, covering a full range of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights. It grants rights for children in peacetime as well as during armed conflict, and provides for the implementation of those rights. It can promote anti-discriminatory practice by giving children protection and rights. It can also make sure that children will be given somewhere safe to be; not near any war zones and hazardous areas which could cause ill- health.
Race relations act 2000- The Race Relations Act (RRA) 1976 amended 2000 makes it unlawful to treat a person less favourably than another on racial grounds. These cover grounds of race, colour, nationality (including citizenship), and national or ethnic origin. It can promote anti-discriminatory practice by making sure individuals from a different race get equal opportunities to get jobs, homes, practice their religion and have rights to have an education, medical treatment, and to get fair and equal
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