Unit 2 Managing Paediatric Illness and Injury Essay

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Be able to provide first aid to an infant and a child with a suspected fracture and a dislocation.
1.1 Describe the common types of fractures.
Types of fracture
Fractures are divided into two types depending on whether or not they break through your skin. * Closed fractures. This is when your bone doesn't damage your skin. * Open (compound) fractures. In these fractures, the broken end of your bone breaks through your skin and may stick out.

* Hairline fracture. In which the bone does not separate because the line of break is so fine and only partially fractured. These fractures can be difficult to detect on x-rays. * Simple fracture. This is when your injury causes a single crack across the bone. * Complex
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Cerebral compression occurs when there is a build-up of pressure on the brain. This pressure may be due to one of several different causes, such as an accumulation of blood within the skull or swelling of injured brain tissues. Cerebral compression is usually caused by a head injury. However, it can also be due to other causes, such as stroke, infection, or a brain tumour. The condition may develop immediately after a head injury, or it may appear a few hours or even days later.

If an accident does happen, and it results in an injury to a child, I will do all I can to aid the child concerned. If a neck or back injury is suspected then I would place my hands on either side of the child’s face with my fingertips gently lifting the jaw to open the airway and I would stay with the child until the emergency services arrived and took over.
We keep a first aid box within my work setting; the following staff at the school has been trained in first aid: Mrs Myhre and Mrs Willcocks will be called to assist. If necessary, the school secretary will telephone for emergency services.
I would record all incidents involving injury in the school log book, and, in all cases, we inform parents or carers. Should a child be quite seriously hurt, we contact the parents or carers through the emergency telephone number that we keep on file. We update these numbers annually, but it is essential that parents/carers inform us when contact

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