Unit 2 PWCS 22 Workbook L2

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This assignment workbook will cover all the criteria for the technical certificate unit PWCS 22. Where criteria have been covered is outlined in the table below: Assessment Criteria for PWCS 22 (tech cert) Question it has been covered in PWCS 22 – 1.1 Question 3 PWCS 22 – 1.2 Question 5 PWCS 22 – 1.3 Question 2 PWCS 22 – 2.1 Question 8 PWCS 22 – 2.2 Question 6 PWCS 22 – 2.3 Question 4 PWCS 22 – 3.1 Question 7 PWCS 22 – 3.2 Question 7 PWCS 22 – 3.3 Question 7 PWCS 22 – 3.4 Question 7 This assignment workbook will also cover some criteria for unit SHC 22 of the Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care. The criteria covered and where they are found is outlined in the table below: Assessment Criteria for SHC 22 (Diploma) Question it…show more content…
the right to complain) I must respect the right of my residents but also to ensure their behaviour doesn't harm themselves and others I do it by ensuring the risk assessment is in place and that I follow all the policies and procedures to minimise the risk as far as possible I must uphold public trust and confidence in social care service I do it by not having tolerance for abuse, neglect, unlawful treating others, also by maintaining professional relationships with my residents and colleagues I must be accountable for my work and maintaining and developing my knowledge and skills I do it by undertaking all necessary trainings that allow me to do my job to the highest standards, also to report any difficulties to my manager The Care Quality Commission inspection standards Safe I do it by protecting my residents form harm and abuse Caring I do it by maintaining my residents' dignity and respect and caring for them with kindness and compassion Responsive I do it by ensuring that the care I provide meet my residents' needs Effective I do it by recording any positive outcomes of care I provide, that can be an evidence that the care

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