Unit 2 - Playwork Diploma Essay

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Unit 2 – Ways in which Playworkers Relate to, Support and Safeguard Children and Young People in Play Settings. E1. Describe how the playworker can create a play environment where all children and young people feel listened to and respected. Playwork Principle 5 states “The role of the playworker is to support all children and young people in the creation of a space in which they can play”. An effective playworker should be able to meet the ever changing needs of the children and young people in their care and understand that the attitudes of the staff can have a major impact on the child’s play experience. All Children and young people in your care should be treated with the same respect and have the same rights and access to…show more content…
JNCTP 2003 How a playworkers behaviour can have a positive effect on the play and behaviour of children and young people – o A child/young person greeted by a friendly playworker and a smile at the beginning of a session is likely to feel at ease straight away and enjoy their play experience. o A playworker that exhibits good relationships with other adults can act as a role model for children when building their own relationships. o A Playworker should support and facilitate the play process in a way that does not undermine the child’s personal control and involvement whilst recognising that the impulse to play is innate within the child thus allowing the play process to occur and continue naturally as determined by the child or young person. o A Playworker should respect the right of children to decide and control the content and intent of their play. It can often occur that the child’s play will step outside a playworkers comfort zone, for example climbing high into a tree. In this case the playworker should recognise that it would be more appropriate for another playworker to oversee this situation to allow the play to continue without unwanted intervention. Children’s play is extended when they are given the opportunity to challenge themselves and take risks. A setting that allows this will provide a far better play experience than one that does not. o Children /young peoples play will be improved if the playworkers only take

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