Unit 2 TASK 1 Decoding the Jargon

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TASK 1: Decoding the Jargon a. Create a booklet which explain the function of hardware components and identify communication between components. The pages should include photographs and diagrams to illustrate the information you include. (P1) Components communication The following diagram shows how components communicate each other’s. CPU Also known as the processor, the CPU is the heart of the computer and has two part: Control Unit The control unit controls the flow of data through the processor. Arithmetic/Logic unit (ALU) The ALU performs mathematical, logical, and decision operations in a computer and is the final processing performed by the processor. RAM A computer can only run a program when it is in memory…show more content…
DOS is the basic system that people have to using Command line prompt to communicate with computer via simple interface which is not “friendly” user interface. The DOS can’t run multitask on computer which can only load one program until it finished. But some of the features still quite useful that people still use it. Such as: 5. CHKDSK 6. GBUPDATE 7. IPCONFIG 8. PING 9. FDISK Comparison of two operating systems We can see there are many different between those two computer operating system which the Windows 8 operating system have a lots of advance features and higher performance that suit to nowadays. The DOS system usually used to be run a specific program which prevents any virus or hacker attack in the solo computer such as sale program, data base in the hospital or council data base. Features Windows 8 DOS Network Yes N/A GUI Yes N/A Multiuser Yes N/A Server Administration Yes N/A Command line interface Yes Yes Entertain Yes N/A Sound Yes Yes Multitask Yes N/A c. In your document explain the purpose of different software utilities which is available. Explain how software utilities can improve the performance of computer systems (P3, D1) Windows 8 Utility Virus Protection The specific program used to prevent viruses, worms and Trojans which attached in the email or website. Every computer need to install an anti-virus software and
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