Unit 2 the bussiness of travel and tourism

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Date: Friday 26th September 2014 Submission Date: Tuesday 30th September 2014 Unit 2: The Business of Travel and Tourism 2.1: The travel and tourism business environment The Public Sector The public sector consists of regulatory bodies, conservation groups and public sector organisation which are funded by local, regional and central government, . A good example of a localy funded organisation would be Dover 's local tourist information centre, controlled and funded by Dover District Council and council tax revenues. The tourist information centre is there to provide information about the local area such as attractions and events to tourists. This would be of interest to domestic and inbound tourists. An example of a…show more content…
A good example of this would be a small bed and breakfast owned and run by a husband and wife. As a partnership, all partners have a percentage of desicion making rights relevent to their stake in the business, with profits being distributed as an income to all partners, the percentage each partner recieves is set out in the partnership agreement. The business is owned by the partners, each has a stake, which will also be set out in the partnership agreement, relevent to the investment they have made. This is a simple way to set up a business with minimal paper work involved although with desicion making shared between partners, who are often close friends or relatives, disputes and disagreements can be a problem. As a partnership is not a limited company, it does not benefit from limited liability so all partners are responsible for any and all debt incurred. Another similar concept is an LLP or limited liability partnership which has the same attributes as a partnership but with the added security of limited liability meaning partners are only responsible for the amount they have invested. A sole trader refers to a self employed person who has sole ownership of a bussiness, and so, assumes all responsibility with decision making and keeps all profits. A good example of this would be a self employed tour operator, offering local city tours in London to in bound

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