Unit 205 Qcf

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1.1 & 1.2 Define type of abuse, and the signs and/ symptoms associated with each type of abuse. Physical abuse is where someone is causing physical harm to another. This could be hitting, pushing, slapping, pinching, kicking, scalding, restraint, misuse of medication and other things causing harm. Signs or this would be unexplainable; red marks and bruising, cuts and grazes, burns, weight loss, finger marks, fractures, scratches, pressure ulcers and sores and/ rashes from wet/soiled bedding. The person being abused would also have behavioural changes, health deterioration with our obvious cause. Sexual abuse is when someone does not give consent to take part in any form sexual activity. Signs of this could be pregnancy,…show more content…
Once you have done this you must then tell your senior/manager exactly what has been said as this will be their responsibility to report and continue to find out what has happened and if it has happened. When there is a safeguarding allegation there are four priorities in responding to this. 1 is to protect, this is the most important. It is to ensure the abused person is safe and protected. To ensure any medical treatment is provided, and give reassurance and comfort. This will ensure that the person knows that they are now safe. Second priority is to report. This is your responabily to report this allegation to your line manager or the person within you company that deals with safeguarding issues. You must make a full written report of the event as soon as possible. Third priority is to preserve. This is to ensure you preserve any evidence. if it is a recent abuse like physical or sexual there maybe forensic evidence. It is a crime scene and you are not to touch or disturbed anything and you are to let the police take over. So you should not clear up, do not wash or clean any part of the room/area, do not remove bedding, do not remove any clothing, do not allow the person to wash/shower/bathe/brush hair/brush teeth, you should also keep other people out of the room/area. If it is financial abuse you aren’t to touch/ throw away any papers or documents, as this could be evidence. you must try to preserve as much as
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