Unit 21 – Aspects of Contract and Business Law D1, D2

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l Unit 21 – Aspects of Contract and Business Law Assignment Unit 21 Candidate Full Name: Date issued: Candidate Number: Date due for return: Teacher: Mr M Tissot Date submitted: Email: Learning Outcomes When you have finished this unit you should: 1 Be able to apply the requirements for a valid contract 2 Understand the impact of statutory consumer protection on the parties to a contract 3 Understand the meaning and effect of terms in a standard form contract 4 Be able to…show more content…
These can be sold to customers or rented out. They also act as a wholesaler and supply equipment to other musical retailers. 2) The Melody Shop– who sell a variety of musical instruments and sheet music from their shop and over the internet. Alan used the Business Support Centre to help get the group established and contacts them regularly for advice when problems arise Ensure you refer to the case study in your answers. Task 1- (P1, M1) Written Report Alan and Carol visit Mr Thrower who runs the “Place” night club in Tottenham. He has agreed to book Dimensions for five nights at the club in November. A price of £1,500 has been agreed and Alan insists that a contract is drawn up and signed by both parties. (P1) As this is the groups first big booking, Alan has contacted the support centre and needs advice on the following: a) Alan wants to know the five requirements in order to make a valid contract. i) Explain these to him with reference to his situation with Mr Thrower and state if all the requirements are present in this case. ii) When dealing with customers, Eden Sounds prefer to use a “Standard form contract”. Explain what a ‘standard form contract’ is, and list the advantages to both parties in using them. b) Unfortunately the booking has not gone according to plan! Explain how the contract is brought to an end under the following circumstances: i) In October, the night

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