Unit 21 P3

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Growing up, the business world has always intrigued me, however I am far more curious and eager to develop knowledge about the operations of Business management and human resources. I have strong beliefs that the business world would not be successful without driven individuals who are respected and are developed in a positive working environment.
I have strong interpersonal skills where my communication has developed due to experience in my part time job as a customer advisor in McDonalds. I have a clear vision and find it easy to share this vision with others. I view myself as a thoughtful leader who can organise and balance conflicting interests whilst working in teams. I am confident that a course in business will satisfy my interests.
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McDonalds has taught me how to solve problems and work at a fast pace while delivering good standard food to satisfy customers’ needs. I have gained a good understanding how the business is run by talking to my business manager. At work I am in a viewpoint team, which is a problem solving team. The viewpoint team is for employees that have problems at work. The employees will come and talk to the viewpoint team to discuss their issues, then we have regular meetings with the business manager to resolve these problems and stop them from happening in the future. Being in the viewpoint team at McDonalds allows me to gain teamwork and leadership skills. I am also currently going through the process of getting promoted to crew trainer. The crew trainer role will help me develop my skills further, as a crew trainer I will be providing mentoring and support to the crew members in the restaurant on a daily basis.
I am now looking for an opportunity to further my personal development and career progression by enrolling with a reputable university on a business management degree course. I want to learn more about the nature, power and limitations of various business techniques; how management can influence a business' performance; how business and other types of organisations can help society to function and address society's problems. I very much hope
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