Unit 210: Support learning activities

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Unit 210: Support learning activities Assignment 1: Describe how a learning support practitioner may contribute to the planning, delivery and review of learning. What learning support strategies have you used or could you use to meet the needs of your learners? Learning support practitioners can be an invaluable resource in the successful planning, delivery and review of learning. They can offer immeasurable support to the teacher and, most importantly, to the pupils. However, that support is only truly effective if it is organized, structured and consistent – both in terms of the learning objectives set by the teacher and the pupil’s own learning needs. There are many ways in which a learning support practitioner can contribute…show more content…
The delivery of learning support is not complete, however, until you have fed back to both the pupil and the teacher and reviewed your own success as a learning support practitioner. In feeding back to the pupil it is vital that your feedback is constructive. This does not necessarily mean it has to be positive but it is vital that it is not destructive. It should serve to encourage and help the pupil. Feeding back to the teacher is equally as important as this will provide the teacher with information as to individual pupils’ progress, any difficulties they might be having (or indeed that you might be having) and this in turn will feed into planning for the next lesson as per Wilkinson’s Classroom Process Cycle. The importance of the role of teaching assistant should not be underestimated as they provide essential support to both teachers and pupils alike. As the demands put upon teachers are increased seemingly year by year, the learning support practitioner is there to contribute to all aspects of the planning, delivery and review of learning giving a broader support structure for the teachers and a more complete learning experience for the
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