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Unit 211 Provide Reception Services The purpose of the receptionist role is to represent the trust and give the patients the first impression of the NHS as they are the first point of contact between the patient and the organization. It is vital to present a positive self-image and a good representation of the trust because we want people to come back and use the services again and give the trust a good name. We can display a positive self-image by being attentive, well dressed, having good body language, a friendly attitude, being helpful and always being polite. The structure and lines of communication in an organization starts with the board of directors, then line managers and heads of departments then the other workers. The…show more content…
To carry out health and safety procedures in a reception area we need to make sure that no fire exits are blocked and all members of staff need to know where the fire exits are and know the procedure in case there is a fire. The procedure if the fire alarm goes off is firstly check the panel to see where the fire is, check the room to confirm, ring 333 to confirm which room the fire is in, evacuate the building and then close the doors. If the fire is discovered but there is no alarm sounding we should shout, then break the alarm glass, try to put the fire out and then try to contain the fire in the room by closing the doors. The receptionist’s role within these procedures is to calmly evacuate all the patients and report the fire, the patients should be our first priority. It is also our responsibility to report any hazards such as lights not working, any faulty equipment, and dangerous wires running across floors or anything at all that someone could trip over to estates. There can be many types of problems with aggressive visitors. Because of security we have to be careful as to who we are letting on the wards, therefore we might not allow a certain visitor to have access to the wards which could lead to them becoming abusive towards the receptionist. The visitors are much more likely to get aggressive if they have relatives who are staying in the hospital, and they could be very emotional about this especially if they think there relative is not getting the

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