Unit 221 NVQ Business and Administration - Knowledge Questions

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1.1 - Identify different types of equipment and their uses The different types of equipment in the office are computer, fax machine, franking machine, photocopier, printer and scanner. The computer is used for the internet to find out needed information or emails. Work is also completed using Microsoft programs. The fax machine is used to send copies of documents or important information to other businesses. The franking machine prints postage stamps onto envelopes or stickers that are put onto parcels. The photocopier is used to copy documents and reprint them. The printer is used to print out copies of document s from the computer. The scanner is used to scan paper documents and put them onto the computer so…show more content…
2.2 – Explain the purpose of following organisational instructions when using equipment The purpose of following organisational instructions is to make sure everyone is doing the same thing then if the equipment were to break everyone would have followed the same procedure and no one would be at fault, it would be the equipment that would have broken. Also different organisations may have different rules for using equipment because of health and safety procedures. 2.3 – Identify health and safety procedures for using different types of equipment When using a shredding machine the different health and safety procedures you have to carry out are; Make sure that the machine is turned off when emptying the bin and clearing the shredding section. When using the shredder do not feed too much paper at a time as this may cause it to get stuck and stop working. Make sure your fingers do no get too close to the teeth when feeding the paper into the shredder. When using a laminator always follow the manual. Never let you fingers or hands get too close to the heated rollers. Place the laminator away from any paper or highly flammable materials. Always stay with he laminator never leave it unsupervised. When the laminator has been used leave the laminated paper for a couple of seconds to cool down before you remove it from the machine, to prevent being burnt. 2.4 – Explain the purpose of following health and safety

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