Unit 25 Structure of the TV and Video Industry

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Unit 25: Television and Video Production Structure of the TV Industry This essay will focus on the structure of the channels the BBC and ITV, which will give the reader an understanding of the structure of the television and video industry in the UK. This essay will be split up into three parts; the details of ownership and income, systems and technologies, and their regulations as well as discussing the success of both companies. Details of Ownership and Income In the television sector, there are one of two types of broadcasters; commercial and public service broadcasters. A public service broadcaster is a non-profit public television network. An example of this sort of TV channel would be the BBC which is run by John Reith…show more content…
limitations. It will then offer more space as analogue takes up about a third of the spectrum which can also be used to increase signal reach in some areas and also make room for new services too. As well as this, it will give viewers a wider variety of channels to watch and reduce costs for broadcasters that would have had to pay more to transmit services in both formats. The downsides of the switching off analogue will mostly affect homes in the UK as they will be the people who will have to start paying for different means of watching TV. As well as affecting domestic settings, they will also be affecting non-domestic settings such as hospital’s and TV rental businesses who rely on analogue TV. Having to make the switch from analogue to digital will be difficult in hospitals as they will not only need new TV sets, but will also have to pay for new Freeview TV set top boxes for their patients. It also means that TV rental businesses will not be able to provide analogue TV’s anymore as they will have no use, cutting back their income. As well as this, some areas may even need new roof top aerials installed, totalling up to a large sum of money to make the switch. As Digital televisions such as Freeview offer a handful of more channels, but require a one off payment. There is also satellite which is currently the most popular type of TV broadcasting, with services such as Sky

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