Unit 27 M1

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Unit 15: M1 M1 – Access methods of achieving development needs within the time frame of the career plan Introduction For M1 I will be assessing methods that I will be achieving during the time period of my career plan. These methods will be based on my weaknesses and how I will be able to overcome them so my future plans can become more successful. I will also be comparing my career plan with my skills audit to see how they both perform in my future. Gaps in my skills For me to become a solicitor in the future I need to get into University with 300 ucas points. In order for me to get 300 ucas points I need to work very hard in college and try to achieve a distinction for this year to get into university quicker. The skills gaps that…show more content…
This will help me gain money and even more important experience. The reason why the experience is important is because you need it to become a accountant and need it to become better at the job you are doing. The career development plan will help me progress through my life as I know what targets to acquire. Careers Development Plan and Skills Audit The careers development plan and both skills audit are both alike. This is because the career development plan shows you what you are going to do in the upcoming years and the skills audit shows your skills and what needs improving or what doesn’t need improving. A skills audit can be advantageous because it shows you your weaknesses and where you are lacking, and this can be changed if you know how to do so. These two documents are very important because they both help you and guide you through your future career plan. Also this is good for me because I can focus on my skills audit and correct my errors. Here are some of my weaknesses I need to overcome Attendance As a learner my attendance is low. This is a very big disadvantage to me because this can have a big and bad effect on my future career plan. This is because if universities or employers look at this they will be put off from enrolling you, the reason is universities and employers want people who will come and attend then lessons. Also this is disadvantageous because if you are missing classes or lessons then you will
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