Unit 28: Caring for Older People Task 3

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Task 3 – p3, m2 As people get older they lose independence, they become less mobile and aren’t able to do everything for themselves any more. It is important to ensure that they keep as active as they can to ensure they keep their independence for longer. Carers can help this process by offering activities that are enjoyable, safe and have minimal risks. This is important because it helps people enjoy the things that they are able to do, rather than offering them something they will struggle to do with the possibility of injuring themselves. They will also enjoy things that can keep their brains active, such as crosswords, paintings and colouring, keeping their hand eye coordination strong. All of these activities will give those…show more content…
Those who live healthy and active lives have improved muscle strength and tone, which means that they are less likely to have an accident or experience falls that could lead to injury. The Human Rights Act covers all human rights and ensures that all individuals have rights on their side and can take legal action against any organisation that disrespects these. Meaning that if a care giver does not respect the needs of the resident they are caring for, their company can get sued due to their lack of care standards. The act states that everyone has the right to life, meaning that any life support mechanism cannot be withdrawn unless a person is beyond doubt clinically dead. It also says that every person has the right to protection from inhuman and degrading treatment, for example humiliation and inappropriate or rough care. It also prohibits discrimination, meaning that people must not be discriminated against due to their age/ethnicity/gender etc. meaning everyone must be treated equally with the same level of high standards of care no matter who they are. The Data Protection Act states that you must only collect information that you need for a specific purpose and keep it secure, ensure that it is relevant and up to date to guarantee that no changes in medication or health status goes unnoticed or unaccounted
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