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Bay maintenance on Extended Range Fuel tanks HND Aeronautical engineering qcf Unit 28 Research Project August Patterson Fig. 1 Contents Topic | Page | Abstract | 3 | Assignment 1: | | 1.1 Formulate and record possible outline project specifications | 4 | 1.2 Identify factors that contribute to the process of project selection | 5 | 1.3 Undertake a critical review of key references | 6 | 1.4 Produce a research project specification | 6 | 1.5 Provide an appropriate plan and procedures for the agreed research specification | 9 | Assignment 2: | | 2.1 Match resources efficiently to the research questions or hypothesis | 9 | 2.2 Undertake the proposed project in accordance with the agreed specification | 10 |…show more content…
This work is carried out in accordance with the relevant Aircraft publications (AP106B-0102-6, Extract of procedure is available in Annex 4) wearing the correct Personnel Protection Equipment (PPE). All work carried out is documented in the bay job card log book 700c, on the MOD form 707A (N/O/A) and 707B(Annex 3). If an ERT has deteriorated beyond economically viable repair limits (as stated in AP106B-0102-6) it is cannibalised and scrapped, then removed from the Role bay database and LITS. A new ERT is assembled from the serviceable parts salvaged from the scrapped ERT, if any, and from the new parts taken from the spares located in the ERT consumable stores known as KAN BAN (Figure 2). The Role bay database and LITS are updated to reflect the correct state of the ERT. At any 24hr period there must be a minimum of 2 serviceable ERT’s held in the bay and ready to issue. These measures ensure that everything is utilised to its entirety and that the bay will meet the station and operational demands for serviceable ERT’s. Quality and standards checks are carried out by a Junior Non Commissioned Officer (JNCO) or higher rank. All work carried out on the ERT’s are recorded in the relevant 707B paperwork and require an over signature from a JNCO or above. All costs for works carried out on the ERT’s are
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