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ASSESSMENT RECORD AND FEEDBACK SHEET Year: 2013/14 U31 / 1 Programme: BTEC Nationals Level 3 Student Name: Unit No & Title: 29 – Installing and Upgrading Software Assessor Name: Guy Rigby Assessor Signature: Formative Feedback / Submission Date(s): 1st Submission Due Date: 25/10/13 1st Submission Hand-in Date: Final Submission Due Date: Final Submission Hand-in Date: Student Declaration: The attached assignment is my own original work. All other sources have been appropriately referenced. IV Name: IV Signature, if sampled Assignment No & Title Learning Outcome(s) Criteria Assignment 2 – Demonstrating Good Practise P3,P4,P5,M2,M3,M4,D1…show more content…
a) You could complete your plan as either: 1. A numbered list, making sure to explain each point 2. A flow diagram – ensuring that each process has enough description for the apprentices to understand what is happening. (Hint: think back to class where we discussed the sequence of activities that must be included in preparing for upgrades and installations) b) Your second plan must detail the sequence of activities required for the upgrade of the anti-virus product to an entire computer security suite. Installing and Upgrading Task 2 (P4) & (P5) Record and complete both a software installation and upgrade. In preparation for (D1) you should have in mind what you will install / upgrade and why. Use annotated screen shots to document the processes and stages of each task. (M3) & (M4) what do we mean by data integrity and security? Data is the most valuable commodity in a PC system. You need to plan and use procedures to enable the safe recovery of user data in the event of data loss during upgrading and also the safe recovery of the entire system in the event of catastrophic failure resulting from upgrading. Write the plan and use before and after screenshots to prove that you have successfully completed both sets of procedures. (M2) Going back to (P3) – you planned the installation / upgrades taking into account the sequence of events and processes that must

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