Unit 3 Assignment 1 Art Analysis

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2. There are 18 people in the foreground of the image and an uncountable number in the background. Jesus and Peter both have halos indicating their divine status, while Judas doesn’t. The people have a sort of bulky feel to them as well as very vibrant colored clothes. The contrast of the kiss against the side of the painting where peter is on the verge of violence. The painting includes torches and spears. The darker background really contrast with the more vibrant colors of the clothes depicted. The sky is black fading into blue. One of the first things that stands out to me is the vibrant colors of the robes and the fact that Judas’s yellow robe almost completely obscures Jesus from the neck down. The colors used on the clothes also stand out to me because of what the certain colors are associated with. Such as yellow being a color associated with cowardice; which is the color of Judas’s robe, while Peters robe is blue and red, red is also the color of Jesus’s robe so maybe indicating the closeness of the relationship between Peter and Jesus. It appears as if Jesus and Peter’s robes are the inverse of each other, Jesus appears to have a red base robe with a blue overcoat, while Peter’s robe is blue with a red overcoat.

3. The artist uses color to convey a more realistic depiction of the characters and their surroundings, by using
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Through the use of shape the viewer can almost hear abruptness of the guard’s arrival on the scene and the chaos that ensues. Giotto also creates a sense of weight and life to the figures by making them bulkier and thus, it is easier to believe that they live in a world like our own instead of an ethereal one. The drapery of clothes that fold and are somewhat taunt around the curves of a body, not delicately draped on slight otherworldly body frames also add to the sense of realism created by the use of
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