Unit 3 Assignment 1 Compare And Contrast Visual Tools And Techniques

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I consider this origami drawing to be successful because it shows great tones and realism. I managed to show details which together make the overall composition more accurate and still life. The reflection from the shiny surface also ads up to aesthetic of the piece, suggesting that the object is sitting on a solid surface. The range of tones used is what really defines the piece and makes it look 3 dimensional. I can develop this work further by focusing on other imperfections of the object and try to show more the reality and not necessary the beauty of it, also combining those with more accurate tones that shows how the light hits the object.

These mounted works of some of my observational drawings proves that I explored a range of techniques
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The detailed shading of the wire itself really made the piece look more realistic and showed how the light hits the wire as well as the background. I could further improve this by trying not to combine watercolours with fine-liner next time because it can leave unwanted marks on the paper. I can also further develop this concept by using more challenging wire structures, possibly 3D ones, as well as being more aware about how the shadows are positioned in relation to the light source.
My 3D wire sculpture of a microscope turned out to be highly successful because it suggests the key visual characteristics of the subject, in the same time allowing to see through it. I was able to achieve a well balanced and accurate composition that roughly reflects the different shapes that compose the object. However, I can develop this sculpture further by trying to add in more details as well as improving the accuracy of my working process. I can also maybe combine it with mechanical concepts to maybe transform it into a kinetic piece, involving having different parts that
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