Unit 3 Assignment 1 Hacking Research Papers

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Hacking has evolved from juvenile’s curious action into serious criminal act. The low cost of computers and ease of accessing internet has allowed proliferation of criminals to use these tools to research and attack their targets. The main goal is criminal exploit and to exploit learn hacking techniques to accomplish goal. The use of electronic devices and internet leave behind digital marks and fortunately criminal first hackers have a difficult time erasing their trail allowing for the savvy digital forensics investigator to collect evidence and locate the criminal. Before attacking a target, the criminal-first hackers will conduct research on the target, just as they would have pre-digital age. They can have basic idea the type of target…show more content…
The article described a hacker's method who won PCWeek hacker challenge: replace the home page on two targeted machines. The successful hacker said it took 20 hours complete “one bit of information, the directory layout, led to the discovery of vulnerable scripts, which led to a script being overwritten, which led to the uploading of executable code, which finally led to the uploading of an exploit and success” (Farrow, 1999). For the successful hacker, they have to be persistent and willing to take various paths to reach their goal. The more twists and turns, the more difficult to for a hacker to reach their target increase, the greater likelihood of the hacker giving up. In 1999 Hacking Exposed introduced the phase-based model used by hackers by “gathering intelligence in the Footprinting and Scanning steps and propagating code in the Gaining Access step” (Herr & Rosenzwieg, 2016). Propagation is the key element for the successful hacker. When they load malware or introduce corrupted script into a system they have achieved success. Once the malware or script is load, it is now up to malware or script to work as planned. It is possible for the attack to fail if the malware or script was written…show more content…
Successful criminals know that they need to learn about their target, habits etc., but their research doesn't stop there. Once they attack, they have to figure out what happens next. In the case of the Bangladesh Bank hack, the hackers had to figure out how to make the money disappear. They did their research and used the Philippines weak money laundry laws to their advantage. With their through research and phase attack, they had a huge monetary gain. With Bangladesh Bank hack success, other criminals will emulate their strategy causing a uptick in cyber-bank heist. It is showing that the risk pays. The times where hackers are more interested finding weakness, like the Morris Worm, are past. Now hackers seek gains that enrich
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