Unit 3 Assignment 1 MRI S And Pacemaker Essay

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The increase of the development of new technologies in the society are becoming more essential in many ways. The updated and upgraded tools are more influential and significant to resolve a difficult cases. Healthcare field are using a greater amount of usage with the new technologies to further their knowledge, become more accurate, and provide a successful result. The advancement of any technologies in all area must consider the great outcome for the majority. The MRI’s and Pacemaker have made an important role in the development of technologies. There are some positive and negative effect that these new technologies to be considered. Magnetic Resonance Imaging is also known as MRI. This computerized device is used for scanning the…show more content…
It is also helpful to better supply body organs such as brain, kidney, and heart. Some of the cons of having a pacemaker is the chance of getting an infection. The risk of infection from inserting this device is increasing dramatically. Another cons about the insertion of pacemaker is bleeding. The possibility of the wire falling out from its position can cause bleeding and surgery (Who Needs a Pacemaker?, 2012). MRI’s and pacemaker are both essential in saving people’s lives. Both has some pros and cons that needed to understand. The old MRI’s are used to scan the body and cannot be used to scan patients with pacemaker. The MRI scanner use a very powerful magnet that can lead to patient’s death. With the new development of new technology, the pacemaker device can now be programmed to MRI scan mode. This new system allows the pacemaker patients to undergo in a MRI scan safely (Pacemaker and MRI Scanning). Advancing the knowledge of individuals can contribute to the success of another. New development of certain technologies can increase the abilities, skills, and techniques in providing care. The changes in MRI and pacemaker helped to adapt and become compatible to provide a less risky procedures. The systems use to help protect patients are becoming more consistent and accordant. References Who Needs a Pacemaker? (2012). Retrieved April 9, 2014, from

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