Unit 3 Assignment 1 Vpn Research Paper

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A VPN is a secure protected network called a tunnel for communication purposes over long distances using the Internet as its means of transport. Due to the nature of the communication or transmissions that are being utilized by say a larger corporation, secure and reliable communication is a must. In the beginning these VPN connections were established using one or more dial up modems for users to access the information. Authentication was established by requiring the correct user name and password. As time went on as always things changed, new technology and advances in communication as well as equipment allowed the VPN to evolve and expand. To ensure security, the virtual tunnel is encrypted. VPNs use several protocols in order to encrypt…show more content…
I believe that the VPN and its respective protocols is a very important step towards securing the Internet and all the data that travels over it every second of every day. In the future I think that there will be yet a faster, even more secure and reliable private connection, only 15 years ago or so the VPN was primarily a land line based technology, using common twisted pair for connection over a modem and going through a tel-co switch. In only 15 years we have progressed to optical networks, wireless networks, VPN networks of varying flavors. VPNs sound secure, and in theory they are, however, as with all technology and advances made towards protecting our data from unauthorized access by anyone who is not the intended recipient, is inevitable. Just recently the VPN protocol was breached, a way around the protocols and encryption was discovered and exploited. The hackers were able to circumvent two of the most trusted privacy tools on the Internet: virtual private networks, or VPNs, and Tor, the anonymity software that masks a computer’s true whereabouts by routing its Internet connection through various points around the globe, according to findings by Jaime Blasco, a security researcher at AlienVault, a Silicon Valley
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