Unit 3 Cache Level 3 Childcare and Education

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E1.Identify 5 pieces of current legislation and E2. Describe how each legislation will influence working practices in the setting. The Human Rights Act 1998 is broken down into 5 key principles which are; Fairness, Respect, autonomy, dignity and equality. Equality would influence working principles because the children would be treated fairly by having their individual needs met to ensure the same outcome is achieved as the other children. Settings can maintain fairness and respect by having the practitioners in the setting following the same policies and procedures. This would also avoid conflict between staff and would not confuse the children with knowing their expectations. Another way settings can have respect in the setting could…show more content…
Describe how policies and procedures will help safeguard children. One policy could be the safeguarding policy. The safeguarding procedure helps to protect children because the setting would have a safe recruitment method to ensure that all staff are suitable to work with children or are qualified to work with children legally. For an example, before I could start my placement and working with the children, I had to show my CRB check to my nursery's placement officer. CRB checks helps to safeguard children because it would prevent anyone with a serious criminal offence or someone who could be a danger to children from working with them there for protecting the children from being mistreated or harmed. Another part of the safeguarding procedure that would safeguard children would be to have a designated person who has a clear and defined role and responsibility in regards to child protection. Having a designated person would help safeguard children because they would be the person the practitioners should go to if there are concerns about a child's safety or welfare concerns about the actions of a staff member. This would safeguard children as the designated person would be able to decide what actions need to be done in order to resume the child's welfare or to decide what the disciplinary action is for the staff that has had the allegation made towards them. To avoid this, all staff should have regular child protection training. A separate policy could be the
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