Unit 3 Critical Thinking

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Unit 3 Assignment Sebastian Lewis Kaplan University HU345: Critical Thinking 3/14/2012 Real guys ripped results is what this ad says.Hydroxycut the perfect diet pill/fat burning pill, a pill that will boost energy and at the same time burn fat and increasing the muscle definition. We all want to lose weight and get that body back that we had as a young adult or in our youth, this is what the advertisement says to the consumer. What caught my eyes as I turned the pages of the flex magazine were of course the ripped up models that were on the pages. The ad shows you all these perfect body models that say they have taken this pill to help them look this way with a before and after picture. Some people may say that they are…show more content…
The fallacies in this ad are that this pill will not get you the results that you see these have just by strictly taking these pills as directed on the bottle. We all know that you must no matter what these ad say have proper diet and exercise in order for these pill to work there is no miracle pill that will allow you eat what you want to eat and still get the results that you see in the ad. The fallacies serves as a way to make the consumer think that wow, if this person was this weight before taking this pill and now after nine weeks of taking this pill they now look like a super model this will of course help to sell the product. By saying such positive things about the diet pill it will help change the public opinion about diet pills but not about dieting. . This ad could be better if within the ad it would not only show these before and after pictures of these people that say they got unbelievable results in 6-9 weeks but they should also let the audience know that these results are based on proper diet and exercise being the key to these results and not just leading the audience to believe that the pill is all you need to get the results. The main point of Hydroxycut is to help loose weight in a fast amount of time just like every woman wants diamonds, I think that everyone wants that youthful looking body back as well. We all want the energy that we had as a youth and the metabolism as well so that we can eat whatever
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