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C&G 7305 DTLLS Unit 3: Enabling Learning & Assessment Word Count: 3,117 Introduction As a college based Management Apprenticeship assessor and trainer working within Corporate Development Training nationwide, I use a range of assessment methods. Initially in this assignment, I intend to describe and evaluate two different assessment methods, which I use to assess the progress of my learners. Through the identification of these assessment methods, I will analyse their purpose and the role that they play in my learner’s development; and how these are used to identify learner progress and confirm their knowledge and understanding. I will explore theories and principals of assessment, covering formative and…show more content…
It is always my aim to ensure that feedback is timely and given in a constructive and sensitive manner; and my approach can sometimes be influenced by what I have learned during initial assessment; and as I develop relationships with the learner. I have recently made efforts to encourage my learners to reflect and to self-assess their performance. I feel that this helps to pave the way for me to feedback to the individual and to reduce the risk of de-motivating them. Once the areas of development are identified, it is important to give ‘medals’ through praising the positive aspects of performance observed. Then the ‘missions’ need to be negotiated; in order to effect an improvement at any following observation. An action plan is made, ensuring that development goals are S.M.A.R.T. and that both the learner and assessor have a copy of this to refer to. Once the criterion for the unit being assessed has been met, then I can feedback summatively; thereby confirming that competence has been demonstrated. Once my learners have been summatively assessed, I ensure that portfolios are put through the internal verification process and that I record progress and achievement. This is done using a shared drive on an Excel spreadsheet in the form of a percentage. The Technical certificate mandatory units are assessed through written assignment. These are produced by ILM the awarding body, but are set by

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