Unit 3 Information Systems : Assignment Questions

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Unit 3 Information Systems Assignment 1 – Information Types of information: Businesses tend to have several "information systems" operating. They use information systems to collect data and process it according to the needs of the company, like in this case, Tables To Go PLC. Businesses operate more efficiently by using varied information systems to interact with customers and partners, curtail costs and generate revenues. A successful company should know how to study and use these different types of information. • Quantitative If you complete a survey or obtain administration records, you would be normally taking statistical or numerical data. This type of information gives the most factual results is what we call quantitative. In this particular scenario with Tables To Go, they could use this type of information to spot a trend in tables or to make a geographical decision on different branches stock. • Qualitative When quantitative types of data are not sufficient a different approach would be taken such as interviews or constructive representations such as reviews – they are rather opinions and views not factual data. This is called qualitative information which provides information which is richer and in more depth than quantitative. This type of evidence is valuable for describing how and why. • Primary Primary data research is research led by the company to gather information specifically for a current objective or new data that’s not been collected before.

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