Essay on Unit 3 Information Technology and Systems for Health Care

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Information Technology and Systems for Health Care

Ursula Sheran

HI300-01/Unit 3

June 1, 2015

Nakisha Floyd

Unit 3 Assignment

When the physicians tries to buy the same EHR product as their hospital it’s trying to accomplish how to make process writing order from their practices to the hospital. The physicians would have better access to the information that is needed to monitor the patients. The provider would be able to tap into the other providers’ through EHR systems when they are covering the emergency room. The pros of EHR are: It provides accurate and up to date information about the patients at the point of care. It also enables quick access to patient records. It has secure sharing information
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The difference between scanning, cold feeding and point-of-care data entry are: Scanning are the documents created on paper and their images are then available on a computer monitor. Cold Feeding deals with capturing print images of lab results and other documents that are in standalone systems. The cold systems are more commonly used with the system ERM because of its newer magnetic storage media. Point-of-care data entry is done by a person and is part of a clinical information system. This is a difficult process and require more than paper. It has to use by individual interface elements and measures the data entry roles. The hospital could improve the data quality by design primary models that gathered and organized key information. Make sure proper training and coordination of the system capabilities are enhance on all level of the organization chain. Make sure you have a backup system if the system seems to not be working properly or crash. Making sure the patient is overall satisfied and the providers are up to par with the technology and its usages. Make sure audits are done randomly and errors are eliminated. If any information is missing or incorrect information is update immediately. The SDLC would help in this process because the key elements such as planning, analyzing, designing, implementation, maintenance

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