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American InterContinental University Lower Division Capstone Unit 3 Individual Project June 23, 2011 Abstract As being a Marketing manager looking for a job and getting ready for interviews takes a big challenge also with trying to find out what is the best parts of the business before you go for the interview. It is always good to find out about the business before you interview for the job, so you can have some questions in mind to what you want to ask and put out yourself some new marketing opportunities. In this further reading you will read about three different firms that a marketing manager is getting interviewed at and three marketing opportunities that are suggested for the firms. This will also talk about what is the best…show more content…
This marketing opportunity is organized as a homerun; I do strongly recommend the coloring activities and puzzles for the kids more than I do with thee more leg room of taking out some rows. Mainly I think so because the kid’s ideas are less expensive and a better opportunity to be more affordable than my first idea of taking out seats. Taking out seats and rows would make a decrease in financial profit and South West airlines wouldn’t make as much money as they did before taking out the rows. So again the kid’s activities are a best financial saving plan. This idea would have a positive effect and reflect on the firm as having happier kids and parents, also the person next to them. This marketing opportunity has no risk. Wal-Mart Wal-Mart has been around for years and as a marketing manager I have been selected to be interviewed for a job and be asked of three marketing opportunities to what I think could be helpful to Wal-Mart in any way of change. As looking at the Wal-Mart website (2011) being updated every month already has great low prices on clothes, accessories, shoes, food, and even electronics and jewelry (Wal-Mart, 2011). My three marketing opportunities are first to sell real cd’s that are not edited,

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