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Amendment P3) Carry out a risk assessment in a health or social care setting. M2) Assess the hazards identified in the health or social care setting. D1) Make recommendations in relation to the identified hazards to minimise the risks to the service user. For the purpose of this essay I went to the local mall to observe what hazards there are. I am going to assess the hazards that I identified in this setting and I am going to make some recommendations in relation to the identified hazards to minimise the risk to the service users. According to Excalibur Solicitors ‘There are some common shopping centre accidents that can include the slip accident in the shopping centre at the place where the floor was left wet after being mopped…show more content…
Although the young children cannot read, at least the carer is warned. This will allow them to take special care with their hot food and drinks when they have children with them. Keeping hot drinks and food out of the reach of young children will also minimise the risk of them getting burnt, as said by North Bristol NHS trust. They also recommend that hot drinks should not be held at the same time as holding another child. Another adjustment they could make could be to put hot drinks into a special cup with a lid, that when tipped over does not spill and hot food could be left to cool for a few minutes before being served, meaning that it is not piping hot. As long as the parents and guardians are aware of the dangers associated with hot food and drinks, then this hazard shouldn’t hold a very high likelihood. My reasoning for suggesting this is that it will reduce the likelihood of a child or an individual getting burnt if the drink falls as the lid will stop the drink from spilling. The existing controls that are in place in the food court in the mall are signs warning of hot surfaces and although most adults should know that food will be served hot, I still believe signs for hot food should be shown. I would recommend this because it will remind the adults that the food may burn and this will in turn make them think more before giving the child the hot food. To get to the higher floors in the mall there are stairs, lifts or

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