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1.1 - Explain what is meant by: Diversity? Diversity means although people differ from each other it is accepting this difference and its value that brings richness and variety to society. Equality? Equality is about each person being equal and entitled to their rights and being treated the same regardless of their age, gender or religion Inclusion? The aim of inclusion is to embrace all people irrespective of age, race, gender, and disability, medical or other need. It is about giving equal access and opportunities and getting rid of discrimination and intolerance. 1.2 - Describe the potential effects of discrimination? People who are affected by discrimination can experience anger, frustration, isolation and the…show more content…
These rights are as follows - Right to life - Prohibition of torture - Prohibition of slavery and forced labour - Right to liberty and security - Right to a fair trial - No punishment without law - Right to respect for privacy and family life - Freedom of thought, conscience and religion - Freedom of expression - Freedom of assembly and association - Right to marry - Prohibition of discrimination Other legislation relating to equality would be: - Equal Pay Act 1970 - The Sex Discrimination Order 1976(amended 1998) - Race Relations Order 2003 - Disability Discrimination Act 1995(amended 2004) 2.2 - Explain interactions with individuals that respects their beliefs, culture, values and preferences? I ensure that I share with other colleagues any information that relates to people’s choices, preferences and rights. I set an example to co-workers and if the need arose I would make it clear that bad behavior is unacceptable. I ensure I do not speak to individuals in a derogatory, rude or dismissive way and I would never undermining peoples self-esteem and confidence. I refer to all my clients with the name they prefer to be called and communicate in a way which they have chosen and establish with me. I try to ensure that people are fully aware of complaints procedures and know how to follow them. 3.1 - Explain the actions that model

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