Unit 3 Research Techniques For The Creative Media Industry

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Unit 3 Research Techniques for the Creative Media Industries Assignment 1 When working in the creative media industry you will need to do a lot of research and will come across the terms, primary, secondary, quantitative, qualitative, market, audience and product research a lot. The reason for this is because they are the different types of research you will need to use when gathering information that you need. Primary research is any type of research that you collect yourself. There are many ways to do so such as surveys and questionnaires, interviews, observations, focus groups and participating in internet forums. The biggest benefit of primary research would be that you can create questionnaires and surveys with questions that are…show more content…
You would use a questionnaire to collect data for a survey research. They are normally administered via telephone, internet and paper. When carrying out a questionnaire or survey you need to consider weather open or closed questions would be more relevant to the point of the survey/questionnaire. An open question is a type of question that requires more than just a one word answer and a closed question is a question that only requires a one word answer, generally yes or no. Surveys / questionnaires are a good way to gather information because you get the opinions and preferences of certain groups of people (e.g. genre of game that a gamer prefers, what sort of toys a child plays with). They don’t just have to be aimed at a certain age range it can be aimed at any group of people such as people who enjoy games, people who enjoy movies or even people who hate certain things, they are only based on a matter of opinion. These opinions then turn into facts and statistics (e.g. 75% of people asked enjoy playing games but 25% do not, or 6% of people like doing something but 96% do not), these statistics are things you will need when generating ideas as you need to know whether the thing you are making will sell (e.g. according to the statistics the game that will be designed has a very high chance of selling). When
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