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LITERATURE STUDY QUESTIONS Chapter 13 STUDENT NAME Rayven Clark Save Assignment Print Assignment 1. Who arrives at the De Lacey home in the springtime, and what is her background? How does the creature benefit from her language barrier? Safie arrives and she is from Turkey. Her father was wrongly accused and thrown into prison. Felix teaches her French. The monster observes the reading lessons and learns faster than Safie does. 2. What sort of book does Felix use to teach Safie? He uses Volney’s 'Ruins of Empires'. 3. What impression about mankind does the creature gain after hearing the history lessons in this book? The creature learns about the history of civilization and all the wars man has waged on one another. 4. What does the…show more content…
18. What promise does the creature make if Victor will agree to his demand? He agrees to live in the deserts of South America and stay away from humans. 19. Why does Victor find it hard to believe this promise? He knows the creature craves human interaction. 20. What decision does Victor finally announce to the creature about his demand? What is the creature planning to do while Victor carries out his decision? He decides to make the female companion for the creature. The creature says that he will stay and monitor Victor. 21. How does Victor look to others, feel about himself, and behave toward his family when he arrives home in Geneva this time? He is and looks happy and healthy. Page 5 of 15 LITERATURE STUDY QUESTIONS Chapter 18 Save Assignment 22. How does Victor feel when his father offers the idea that perhaps an immediate marriage to Elizabeth might cure Victor's remaining melancholy? Why does Victor feel the way he does about it? Victor refuses, unwilling to marry Elizabeth until he has completed his obligation to the monster. 23. Why does Victor want to travel to England now for the next few months instead of staying in Geneva? Who did Victor's father arrange should travel with Victor? Who else is probably going to “accompany” him? He arranges Clerval to travel with Victor. Alphonse is also going. 24. When Victor interrupts his own story and says the line near the end of Chapter 18 that begins with, “Pardon this gush of sorrow;
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