Unit 30 Digital Graphics Assignment

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Unit 30 Digital Graphics Assignment Task 1 (A) Graphics Card A graphics card is a component of a computer system that helps to generate an image on the computer screen. Graphics cards are connected between the CPU and the screen in a computer system in order to provide the user with a clear image on the screen, a graphics card has its own RAM and its own Graphics Processor, and this means that it does not rely on the CPU to provide the entire RAM for the computer system. The inclusion of RAM into the graphics card means that the card will take care of most of the graphics processing allowing the computers RAM to do other jobs and do them more efficiently. The information process begins in the CPU where it sends information about the image to the graphics card; the graphics card decides how to use the pixels to create the image on the screen. There are different types of graphics card available and some are better than others.. A good quality graphics card produces smoother video and graphics playback and sharper pictures. A good graphics card can mean a faster refresh rate so if working with photos you can display them quicker and have better colour resolution. A graphics card can be used where it can produce high definition gameplay and also enable dual display and even use a television screen as a monitor through the use of a HDMI cable. High end graphics cards can be upwards of five thousand pounds whereas lower end graphics cards can be as low as fifty pounds. For a
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