Unit 3004

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A.C 1.1 Identify criteria used in sourcing data. Fig.1, Example of primary data sourced from; http://www.centraxgt.com/publications Data is defined as useful raw material which is intended to be useful for both the originator and for the intended receiver. Data consists largely of facts and figures ideal for communicating the intended meaning. This data can be interpreted and can be categorised as follows; * Primary data. * Secondary data. Primary data is intended for personal/company use and is compiled by the user for a specific requirement. This data has been compiled by the sales department in order to attract future customers, therefore specific and primary data. This data is readily available to the public and…show more content…
Fig 4. Example of quantitative data sourced from; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apache_helicopter Quantitative data can be described as measurable factual and accurate data, i.e. sales, volumes and costs. Can be developed with historic records. Quantative data is more objective rather than subjective focusing on key issues. Above is an example of qualitative data. It is based on proven fact and testament is the aircrafts ability. Examples of primary/secondary and qualitative/quantitative data in the workplace; INFO SOURCES | | OUTCOME | Company newsletter | PrimaryQuantitative | FEEDBACKQUARTERLY REPORTS | Engineering drawings | SecondaryQuantitative | PLANNING re-engineering | Pulse chart build guide | Primary Qualitative | SET ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS | hours software | SecondaryQuantitative | TIME MANAGEMENTPERSONAL RECORDS | stores software | SecondaryQuantitative | MATERIAL MANAGEMENT | Quality records | PrimaryQuantitative | QUALITYCONTROL | Canteen menu | PrimaryQualitative | WELFARE | Fig 5. The Pulse Board, Example of qualitative data sourced from; shopfloor Above is an example or both primary and secondary data which is all quantitative being based on proven facts and subject to continual improvement. Some of the data is produced by myself and so primary data, as soon as it is read and recorded by someone else it then
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