Explain The Importance Of Communication When Supporting Children With Communication Difficulties

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1.1 Being able to build positive relationships with others helps children and young people to gain the most from being in school and is important to ensure the communication of information between children and the adults responsible for them. We are more likely to build a positive relationship with someone when we can communicate effectively with them. Effective communication is a way of setting boundaries so everyone knows what is expected of them. Most disagreements and conflicts are caused by a breakdown in communication. Children learn how to build relationships with others by watching and copying the relationships between the adults around them. It is, therefore, important to show effective communication skills…show more content…
When supporting children in a classroom situation it is important to keep them focused on the lesson. Communication needs to be firm and clear so everyone is sure of what is happening and what is expected of them. In a less formal situation such as the playground it is better to be more relaxed with the children. This can help to build their confidence in their own communication skills but it is, however, still important to maintain a clearly professional relationship with them. 2.2c Children with communication difficulties, such as speech, language or communication impairment, emotional or cognitive difficulties will need more time and reassurance to ensure they do not feel pressured when speaking. It is important to allow them to speak for themselves in order to build their confidence as well as their ability to communicate clearly. Where there are language or cultural differences it may be necessary to allow extra time for longer explanations of questions / instructions. Visual cues can be helpful and in some cases it may be necessary to use a translator. 2.3 When communicating with children the main points discussed above, maintaining eye contact, responding to what they say etc., are the same as when communicating with adults. However, it is also important to ensure the relationship is always formal and the child understands you are their carer in the school setting. When communicating with children it is also
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