Unit 302 Maintaining Health And Safety

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Why Risk Assessments should be carried out in salons 1-2
What needs to be considered in a Risk Assessment? 2
Supporting staff with Health and Safety 2
Dealing with Security Breaches 3
Types of Insurances within a salon 4

Task 1- Produce an information sheet.
Candidates are required to state:
• When and why risk assessments should be carried out within the salon
Every business must have a risk assessment in the salon to abide with health and safety regulations, which is required by the law. By doing this the manager or owner must control and assess the risks in the workplace. You need to consider what might cause harm to people and decide whether you
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Lastly, review your assessment and update if necessary.
• How the staff should be supported to maintain health and safety
In the salon it is important that all health and safety policies are up to date and are delivered to staff accurately and professionally to avoid misunderstandings and to create a safe working environment for everyone. This can be done by holding staff meetings and verbally telling employees of the changes, emailing all employees or use of notice boards in the salon which can notify clients too or in the staff room. All staff should have information and training on:
Fire safety
Disposal and storage of chemicals
Personal Protective Equipment
Safe use of equipment
This will ensure all employees are working to the same level and making sure everything in the salon is as safe as it can be.

• Salon’s procedures for dealing with different types of security breaches
It is important that within a salon employees consider all aspects of security whether it is their own or their clients. Employees must be aware of how to prevent breaches of security and deal with them if they occur.
Salons hold confidential details of clients which include names, address, telephone number and medical information e.g. record cards and on the computer. Under the Data Protection Act, employees must:
Never give out information about a client to a
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