Unit 304 Promote Children and Young People’s Positive Behaviour

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Outcome 1

Obtain a copy of your schools behaviour policy and summarise it, write briefly on the main points of the policy including:

a) Code of conduct

Our policy has high expectations for both staff and pupils, I have highlighted the expectations in my policy attached, see DKB 1 and DKB 2.

b) Rewards and sanctions

See level 2

c) Dealing with conflict and inappropriate behaviour

See level 2

d) Anti bullying

We have a detailed policy regarding anti bullying which explains what bullying is, why it is important to respond to bullying, signs and symptoms of bullying and how to handle it. How it is dealt with is highlighted in the anti bullying policy DKB 3.

e) Attendance
The school has just amended this
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A consistent approach to behaviour helps pupils learn right from wrong and to appreciate that rules exist for the good of everyone.

d) Understand expectations and limits

The school’s behaviour policy is very detailed and covers all aspect ensures every member of staff know what is expected from them as well as pupils. I feel that I am able to challenge any behaviour issues confidently. The policy is fair to all pupils and they are all aware that any bad behaviour will not be tolerated.
Explain the benefits of all staff consistently and fairly applying rules and boundaries for children and young people’s behaviour in accordance with the policies and procedures of the setting.
All staff are aware of what is expected from all pupils and because of this it is fair and as such they are consistent with bad behaviour using the three strike rule and time out against the wall to good effect. The pupils know that if they are given time out during play time the member of staff will always have quick word with them and remind them that their behaviour was unacceptable and they will encourage them to look at their behaviour and try and change it. Because all staff are consistent with behaviour the pupils know exactly what is expected of them and do not get confused.

Outcome 2


Explain the benefits of actively

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