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CENTRE NUMBER 770001 number

Observation/expert witness
Written account
Witness testimony
Knowledge questions
Professional discussion

CANDIDATE …Louise Farquhar………… DATE ……05/03/14………
ASSESSOR ……Pat Frost ……. UNIT 4222-306……………...

Assessment details

Outcome 1
Point 1

Point 2
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some examples of the subjects that should have health and safety policies and procedures:
Moving and handling of people and objects

Personal hygiene
Infection control
Personal safety and lone working
Fire safety
Food safety and hygiene

Its everyone’s job to support others with health and safety you can

Lead by example , don’t walk / step over a hazard
Clean / clear things as you go / good house keeping will prevent health and safety issues arising
Report bad house keeping
Explain to others how health and safety issues can occur when others have bad working practices
Make sure staff are trained in health and safety and they keep it updated
Have regular fire lectures within the work setting
Make sure that PPE in available for staff in the areas that they need to use it

Monitor and report potential risks

All risks should be identified on a risk assessment so they can be monitored and review
If the risk hasn’t been highlighted on a risk assessment that you r should inform the manager so the risk can be risk assessed and monitored
If the risk is going to cause injury or damage to health and safety of others or property then the risk should be reported straight away to the manager, senior, or senior on call, or the correct emergency agencies. i.e. gas

Using risk assessment for individuals around health and safety
Although you will aim to give personal care and support in as
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