Unit 31

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Unit 31: Fashion Retailing

M1: to achieve the merit analyse your findings

My two retailers that I have chosen are Primark, which are a department store, and JD sports which are a franchise. These two retailers have both their advantages and disadvantages individually as retailers and it is my task to explain and point out these advantages and disadvantages.

Primark is a department store, a department store characteristic features include * Large-scale retail stores * More than one department under one roof * Each department specialises in a particular kind of trade * They are located in the important central places of the big cities

They follow a basic principal; it is easier to sell more goods to the same
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Hence, one department advertises for the other. A departmental store advertises on a large scale saving in advertising costs.

Large volume of sales:
Because of the size of a department store like Primark they make a larger sales increasing the profit Primark makes and reducing

Disadvantages of a department store like Primark:

As department stores are generally located in central parts of a city it is quite difficult to reach those areas if you don’t like within the area.

High cost of operations:
The cost of doing business as a department store is very high because of high rent, salaries to staff and to spend money on multiple goods that they supply.

Difficult to Establish:
The departmental stores require a large amount of initial capital investment and a number of specialised persons for their establishment.

Lack of Co-ordination:
There is a tendency of developing unhealthy competition between the departments. The control and effective supervision of various departments is also difficult.

JD sports is a sports-fashion store, JD sells mainly sportswear like shoes, clothing and accessories. They sell big brands that include Nike and Adidas for football and jogging purposes

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of a sports fashion store

An established business:
JD sports is an established business that have rights to sell top brands like Nike and Adidas at reasonable prices making them the first
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