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Unit 311 Support literacy development

The aims and importance of learning provision for literacy development

Learning provision for literacy development is important for pupils for several reasons. When pupils are developing their language skills they are learning to communicate with others in a variety of ways through speaking reading and writing. The three areas of language interact with each other to promote the child’s self expression and imagination. Children need to be given opportunity’s to use and extend their language in all subject areas so they can develop higher level thinking. [ Louise burnham, Brenda Baker,2010,pg206]
Within my school literacy lesson will be planed by the teachers, the teacher will go over the
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For example linking sounds and letters they are currently as follows, Hear and say sounds in words in order in which they occur, Link sounds to letters naming and sounding the letters of the alphabet. Use the phonic knowledge to write simple regular words and make phonetically plausible attempts to write more complex words.
As children move onto key stage one learning objectives are then aligned with 12 strands of the national primary literacy framework. [Louise Burnham, Brenda Baker,2010,pg206]
Within my school teaching literacy takes place in everyday classroom. The format of this teaching varies to include different activities for each day. Certain aspects of literacy are taught every week. The teachers are to ensure that the work planned is appropriate for the age stage and ability of the children. They use strategies such as talk partners and small group work to allow children to develop their oral skills and ability to communicate and cooperate with their peers. Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of effective oracy skills in the early years and foundation phase. Role play areas are set up in partnership with the children so that they can practice speaking Listening and drama based activities within a meanful context.
In the juniors teachers seek to build on and develop these oracy skills by planning dram role play activities, discussions debates and encouraging pupils to make individual or small group presentation.
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