Unit 329 Promote positive behaviour

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Unit 4222-329 Promote positive behaviour

Outcome 1 Understand how legislation, frameworks, codes of practice and policies relate to positive behaviour support

1.1 explain how legislation, frameworks, codes of practice and policies relating to positive behaviour are applied to own working practice

Human Rights Act 1998 – individuals’ rights should not be contravened and independence, choice and inclusion are paramount. It is also acknowledged that some individuals require constant supervision due to their conditions/illnesses.
The law states that everyone has the right to live without interference from others and should not be unlawfully restrained.
Restrictive physical interventions should only be used as
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Outcome 2 Understand the context and use of proactive and reactive strategies 2.1 explain the difference between proactive and reactive strategies

A proactive strategy is put in place to avoid problematic or other unforeseeable situation

A reactive strategy is a response to a situation that has already happened

2.2 identify the proactive and reactive strategies that are used within your work role

Proactive: care plans; risk assessments; behaviour management plans

Reactive: behaviour formulations; debriefing; care plan reviews; risk assessment reviews; team meetings; multi-disciplinary meetings; training reviews and updates

2.3 explain the importance of identifying patterns of behaviour or triggers to challenging behaviour when establishing proactive and reactive strategies to be used

Behaviour charts or distressed reaction charts should be completed after each incident to try and determine certain behaviour patterns and/or trigger factors. This can then be transferred into care plan and risk assessment reviews, to help work towards avoiding certain situations, and reduce the likelihood of re-occurring incidents.
They can also help to identify particular behaviours and the reason for them.

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