Essay Unit 331 Outcome 1 Answer 1.1

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Outcome 1 1.1) Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth to 19 years. Child and Young Person’s development Area of development | 0 – 1 year | 2 – 4 years | Physical | Reflexes –Sucking, Grasping, Drinking, Eating.Lifting head unaided.Latterly, crawling, rolling over and possibly standing or cruising. | Walking, pointing with arms, starting to dress themselves, holding light objects.Interacting with balls, climbing stairs or furniture, using crayons etc with more controlled, starting to run with confidence and feeding themselves. | Communication | Listening to adults and other older children.Gurgling and attempts at sounds.Listening to songs and games increasing pattern awareness. | Putting words…show more content…
| Discussion of ideas.Learning in more abstract ways.Fluent speakers of native language.Learning basics of a second language.Basic understanding of humour & jokes. | Intellectual/cognitive | Basic skills in numbers.Basic skills in writing & literacy.Learning to read.Learning diagraphs and some trigraphs at this stage.Basic use of ICT for enjoyment, learning, interaction and development. | Becoming fluent in reading of native language.Becoming fluent in writing of native language.Basic ability to transfer and record information in different ways. | Social, emotional, behavioural, moral | Further development of identity.Imaginative play with peers.Developing friendships themselves and preference of friends.Understanding of boundaries and why they are necessary.Responding to responsibility of tasks. | Friendships more settled.Groups of friends.Problem solving and undertaking activities with increased independence.Require praise from parents and acceptance from peers.Awareness of self and how they are perceived. | Area of development | 12 – 16 years | 16 – 19 years | Physical | Puberty! Increased activity from sebaceous glands etc.Increased strength.More muscle development dependant on somatotype.Increased height. | Girls reaching physical maturity.Boys still developing (until mid 20’s.)“Adulthood.” Legally responsible for own actions partially
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