Unit 335 Apprenticeship Level 3 Paper

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Unit 335
Outcome 1: Understand how IT can support personal development.
Understand how IT tools and resources can support own learning and development.
There are many IT tools available that can assist learning. Within my place of employment we have Target Tracker software to manage and track pupil progress and learning, subject specific software such as Smart Learning and a fully implemented Virtual Learning Environment for the entire school.
The Target tracker software enables the teaching staff to monitor and manage individual pupil’s personal targets and levels of comprehension. Target Tracker improves the productivity of the teaching staff as they can actively monitor pupil improvement throughout their class room and focus on
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I was also directed from Google.co.uk to a number of personal and private blogs and forums that satisfied my search criteria. All these Web 2.0 tools greatly assisted me in completing my task and equipping me with the knowledge to do these again in future. “Web 2.0” is a term coined by Tim O’Reilly in 1999 to describe non – written script web pages. They allow me to improve my knowledge base and develop working understanding of IT systems through the use of Blogs, podcasts and Videos.
A further tool to aid my personal development that I use in my job role is Outlook 2010. I use Outlook 2010 to communicate with the staff and my managers but its main role is to aid in my personal reflection of my work through its calendar and tasks applications. I use the calendar and tasks applications to show accountability of tasks, the length of time it takes to complete tasks and keep a personal learning log. This not only allows me to organise my day and gives me a working check list of duties and tasks, it allows me to further improve my performance by seeing where time could have been saved and keeps a log of problems and obstacles that I overcame.
Mobile devices are prohibited in the school outside of the staffroom. However I understand that they can aid learning and development by giving the user access to content remotely at any time. This allows the user to review and revise at any time and on the go. It can also be used to receive , asses and respond to information sent to

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